meet the team 


Johanna Dalgleish, PMA®-CPT

Union Pilates Owner/Director
Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher
Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study, Faculty - Vancouver

Johanna is the owner of Union Pilates and heads our team of passionate movement educators.  She is a Fletcher Pilates® Professional Teacher and is proud to be the designated Faculty for Fletcher Pilates® Teacher Training in Vancouver.

For Johanna, Union Pilates is the culmination of over two decades of movement study and practice.  Originally introduced to Fletcher Pilates® through her professional dance training, Johanna has been a student of this work since 2005 and a teacher since 2009.  Her Pilates practice has profoundly changed the way she dances, the way she stands and the way she moves through life.  Building strength, flexibility and balance in the Pilates studio has allowed her to maintain and enjoy all her other physical pursuits with ease.

Her lifelong movement experience has fostered her passion for learning about the body and how it moves.  She strives to share and pass on this passion with each and every student. She sees Pilates not just as exercise, but as a means of self-expression and as a conduit for healing.  She is inspired by how Fletcher Pilates® simultaneously emphasizes precision of form and the joy of whole body movement. Her down to earth approach adapts to each students’ needs while her keen eye for detail maintains a high level of precise and diligent instruction. Johanna is excited about supporting her clients’ progress, from the fundamentals of balanced posture to the challenge of complex and dynamic choreography.

She has taught across Canada to athletes, dancers, pre-post surgery patients, pre-post natal moms and clients from all walks of life.  She travels to Tucson Arizona regularly to continue her study of the Fletcher Pilates® lineage. Johanna is honoured to be British Columbia’s only Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study Faculty.  This makes Union Pilates the home of Fletcher Pilates® Teacher Training in Vancouver.  Johanna also leads a variety of licensing and continuing education courses for fitness professionals and Pilates teachers alike.


Bevin Poole

Licensed Fletcher Pilates® Provider
Certified by the PhysicalMind Institute of Canada (Equipment, Matwork, Prenatal)

Bevin is a lifelong student of movement. Having danced from a young age, she has nearly thirty years of movement training in many different capacities. As an instructor, Bevin believes in creating a safe environment where clients are encouraged to understand the nuances of their own bodies. She aims to empower each client to take ownership of their individual needs and provides the chance to grow through personal study, in class and into life.

Bevin first came to pilates in 2007 out of a need for more specificity. She found it easy to mimic and copy movement while dancing. When she began to get repetitive stress injuries, she realized that she was missing something. Her first pilates class revealed how complex and nuanced the body really is. As her body became stronger, more connected and more versatile, her injuries disappeared and her dancing improved. In 2016, Pilates supported Bevin through pregnancy, and it continues to keep her healthy while chasing around and caring for her tiny human.

“For me, Union represents the complexity of all systems in one energized, moving body. Each system is designed to work together, like a beautiful machine. Bones, muscles, organs, brain, breath, articulation, stability, strength… one function supports another. Union Pilates is a place to understand and enjoy movement, while honouring the intricacy of the body.”